Peter Pauper Press Has Something for Everyone!

Gift books are a great way to show someone that you're thinking of someone. You can pop them in the mail or leave them on a co-worker's desk to cheer them up.

And no one has a better selection than Peter Pauper Press! Just check all the fine and funny books that they offer:

- 50 Places to See Before You Die and 50 Places That Are A Lot More Fun offers great suggestions for places to go and things to do such as the Bathtub Race and Nanaimo Marine Festival in British Columbia, Canada and the Corn Palace in South Dakota that features murals made entirely of corn! This is a great gift for someone who's looking to expand their world and give in to their adventurous side.

- The Little Black Book series focuses on single topics such as tea, tarot and chocolate. I got the Dog Jokes one, which for the dog-lover is an absolute necessity! And these books are incredibly well packaged, so don't think for a second that this is some awful cheap gift. They are beautifully put together!

- For something small to tuck into someone's mailbox, the Charming Petites line is a fun way to express your thanks! Take Jane Austen's Little Instruction Book, for example - it's a wonderful little gesture of gratitude to the writer, book lover or romantic in your life.

- And for the jokester/prankster, the Yes, You Can't! Flipbook is a fantastic choice. Sayings such as "Joy is not in things - it's in us. Just not in you," and "Anthing is possible for those who don't have to do it," will greet them each day - and no doubt make 'em smile.

- You know how much I love paper products. Well, Peter Pauper Press has some of the most beautiful stationery. Just look at their Small Format Journals! There is such a great selection - it's so hard to choose! Thick covers with the most beautiful designs. I got one in Queen's Anne Lace, but truthfully, I want one of each! And a pen to match - oh my!

This is only a very small sampling of what Peter Pauper Press has to offer, so check out their entire line and get something for everyone on your list - and be sure to get yourself something while you're at it!!!

Stephanie Dickison

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