Lush Design Studio Has the Most Beautiful - And Meaningful - Jewelry!

Look, it's not hard for a girl to fall for jewelry, but for this girl it's got to be really spectacular.

And at Lush Design Studio, it's all spectacular!

Designed by Julia Daniel, Lush jewelry is delicate, yet stunning. And while she does make jewelry for men, her women's line is unmistakably feminine and oh-so-pretty.

What drew me to Julia's work is that it is simple while simultaneously striking. They are statement pieces but never overpowering or too much. In fact, everything at Lush Design Studio, to me, is just right.

The Sentiment line features meaningful words that are hand-stamped and can be customized. I got a Sentiment bracelet that I have been wearing constantly since it arrived!

My Sentiment Bangle is stackable (oh yeah, I'd like to buy more!), but right now I'm rockin' just the one - which in fact, is quite sexy all on it's own. You can choose the size and what word you'd like and then Julia will handcraft one especially for you! Mine says WISH, and I've gotta tell you, it's become like something of a touchstone and a mantra for me. And the design of the extremely thin band with the hand-stamped word in the middle, it's so sweet and meaningful and just absolutely beautiful.

Sure I've had pretty jewelry before, but nothing like this, that speaks out to you throughout the day, reminding you of your dreams and goals and of things that make you feel so good.

Check out Lush Design Studio's Sentiment, Metal, Leather and For Men jewelry lines and get you and someone you care deeply about something fantastic and meaningful.

And gosh does it look good too!

Stephanie Dickison

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