Pink Beauty Cosmetics - Look Good in No Time!

As I get older, I've noticed that I keep trying to simplify my beauty routine.

I want products that do more so that I can do less.

With Pink Beauty Cosmetics, you can simply swish and swipe and look instantly better without much effort or cosmetics knowledge.


Makeup Artist April Jacob created these luxury products specifically with the woman-on-the-go in mind, so apply and get on with you day, knowing that you look fabulous!

Take the Cream Radiance Rouge, for example. Because it is a cream, you can blend as much or as little as you like. It takes only a few seconds, but the results are much deeper than a powder blush. I tried Allure, a pale pink that is truly feminine and completely flattering. You can even daub a little on your lips for added colour if you're truly in a rush...

And the Eye Splendour Shadow - Satin Finish gives you glam eyes in mere seconds. First of all, it goes on super soft, unlike my drugstore shadows which drag and crease and leave shadow dust falling into my eyes all day long. And it is rich in colour, which means you can put on a quick layer and actually see it - meaning, you don't have to spend all night layering to get the full impact. Fantastic! Chi Chi (or Sable) is a warm brown that looks great with my green eyes and is suitable for day or night. This is one of those shadows that you carry with you because now you simply can't live without it.

For my lips, I've been using Luscious Lipshimmer Lipstick, which is surprisingly rich and smooth. And that's without my usual pre-lip moisturizer. In fact, I don't even need it now. Huh. That's new for me! And the effect is amazing. I got full, deeply coloured lips that seem matte yet have a little bit of Hollywood glamour added, like I've been caught by a camera bulb going off and it's highlighted my lips just so. In otherwords, it's absolutely wonderful.

This is the kind of makeup that you become forever faithful to.

See the whole line of Pink Beauty Cosmetics and change the way you get ready for the day.

Stephanie Dickison

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