Look Picture Perfect with AVC Creme Foundation from Makeup Connection!

Despite the age difference, both my Mom and I have reached the same point in our lives - we both want to look good, but natural. Like we're not wearing makeup at all, but with evened out skin tones and flawless skin.

We have both found it in AVC Cosmetics, created by professional makeup artist to the stars Alexis Vogel and available at Makeup Connection.

Makeup Connection is a site where you can shop for professional makeup artists quality cosmetics and skincare, makeup instruction and tips and of course, AVC Cosmetics. They also the exclusive reseller of the Alexis Vogel Instructional Video.

Mom and I got Continuing Beauty Creme Foundation and are thrilled with the results. I got it in Latte and Mom who's darker skinned (anyone who stands beside this pale blonde is, it seems...) got Sunset. What's remarkable is that our skin tones looked so even and as if we're not wearing makeup at all. It's as if our skin just naturally looks this good (it does not).

What is great about the shades available is that you can either blend them for a custom look, or get one of the fabulous Trios - Trio Light or Trio Dark and blend within your colour range for a perfect match.

The Creme Foundation comes in a little pot and feels almost whipped, it is so soft. I use a sponge applicator and I think my Mom uses her fingers to apply it. Either way, we both found it to give great coverage, but leaves our skin looking natural and not made up at all. And it gives you a lovely healthy glow, not a grey matte look like the ones you've been buying all these years.

I have been using it for awhile now and I've barely made a dent in the container, which means it will last longer than those ones you're currently buying at the drugstore.

And really, are they honestly giving you what you want in a foundation?

I went to a makeup event last week where a makeup artist worked on me. He told me how good my skin looked. I told him it was AVC Creme Foundation and he nodded, as if to say, "Good stuff."

Yes it is. In fact, it's one of the best, most natural foundations I've ever used.

And here's the best part - get it here at Makeup Connection and you'll pay less than you would elsewhere.

Mother and daughter looking their very best - isn't that the sweetest thing?

Stephanie Dickison

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