Haniboi Rocks My World With Cool Totes, Tees & Keys!

Music is as vital to me as my morning cuppa coffee.

And no one understands that better than Haniboi.

They carry products that help you celebrate and spread your love of rock.

I am loving my huge Canvas ROCK Tote, that is solid and thick and can hold whatever I need to carry. It has an original Haniboi font and a little pouch that hooks on the inside so you can hold onto your keys, cash and whatever else without having to dig for it at the bottom of the bag. Brilliant!

This can be used by either sex and so far my bag has carried library books, groceries, birthday presents, wine and enough magazines to knock the wind out of you. It can take it all!

My fella and I dream of drumming, so the Double Bass Drum Tee is a perfect gift for either of us. Made out of organic cotton, this is a really thick, good quality tee that will stand up to both the "In the Air Tonight" drum solo and something Alex Van Halen. And yes, the bass drums are placed in an uh, particular place, which I think only adds to the fun.

The Key of Rock, though, may be the coolest thing ever! You take it in to any key cutter and they will be able to cut it to your specifications. Now, how amazing is that?!

I have been a rock lover since I was a teenager, but I still get up outta my chair when Queen's "We Will Rock You" begin with that thumping base or when Eric Johnson starts smokin' on his guitar on "Bloom."

Some things never change. And that's why I will forever be a fan of Haniboi.

Stephanie Dickison

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