Get All Prettied Up With Sula Beauty!

Just because Valentine's Day is over, doesn't mean that you can't still get all glammed up.

And I've got just the perfect thing - Sula Beauty.

Created in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Susanne Lang, Sula Beauty is all about being fun, flirty and free with your fragrances, nail polishes, lip balms and body lotions!

This very accessible fragrance and beauty line is sure to please you. After all, Susanne designed everything so that you can change your look or scent midday, if you like. That's pretty great, as I'm sure you don't dress for dinner out as you would for the office or grocery shopping.

I like the idea of continuous transformation that comes with this line. It's like being granted a little piece of freedom with each item that you buy!

To keep my look fresh and different throughout the day, I am using Sula's moist and sheer Lip Balm Trio.

The trio is great, because you can swap from the light Sun-Kissed Citrus, to the slightly darker Butterfly Kiss to the even darker, yet still sheer and pretty Vanilla Blossom all in one day.

I love that it doesn't have a sticky feel, just silky and soft. And the colours are so flattering - it gives you lips just a little hint of colour and a whole lot of moisture. Perfect!

To get a quick hit of colour, I am loving the Paint & Peel Nail Polish - no remover required!

First of all, I love both colour collections - fresh and modern without being too avant-garde for the everyday. I got Crimson Red, which actually is a very pretty bright pink that is also very complementary as both my Mom and I tried it and it suited both of us!

But of course what is most fascinating about the polish is that not only does it go on smoothly and thickly, but it does indeed peel right off. In fact, you can kind of roll it off. We got it off in one piece - with no flaky remnants to have to fight to get off! It's amazing!

I love that you can throw on a colour and peel it off either later that day or that week. It makes getting dressed up to go out a whole lot faster and easier. Which in this crazybusy world, I can use all the time-saving help I can get!

And then there are Sula's beautiful, captivating fragrances that are light enough that you can wear one in the morning to work and wear another out for dinner and drinks!

There are Eau de Parfums that you spray on and Perfume Oils that you roll in order to release the scent.

Butterfly Kiss Eau de Parfum smells like a warm spring day after a light rain. The sweet pea and peony are such lovely, feminine scents. Stiletto Musk is warm and woodsy, thanks to musk, amber and dusky flora. Tres sexy! And Vanilla Blossom is soft and creamy with vanilla, tonka bean and cherry blossom.

In the Perfume Oils, Sun-Kissed Citrus is a happy scent with citrus and bergamot. Blackberry Blush is surprisingly seductive with rose, blackberry, cassis, musk and vanilla intermingling. And Champagne Sugar is like sweet, tiny bubbles exploding with childhood scents of cotton candy and sugar cane. What fun!

Not only is the whole Sula line well-made and beautifully packaged, but it's also affordable. Which these days means a heckuva lot.

So get your pretty on with Sula Beauty. It's just more fun this way!

Stephanie Dickison

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