skoah is Personal Training for Your Skin

I like my skincare to be effective, yet simple to use.

That's why I am swooning over skoah. They have tons of great ingredients and have an eye for high performance results. And if you're wondering which products would work best for your skin, you can fill out a skinskription form at their website that will direct you to the products that suit you best.

And get this - If you don't see results in 60 days? You can do an exchange or your money back. How cool is that? A company's gotta be pretty confident in their products to do something like that. And they should be, because they R-O-C-K!!

I start with foam kleasner, which starts out as a gel that quickly transforms to a soft foam. It smells clean and fresh and leaves your skin feeling cleaned, but not at all depleted. I am not ususally a tonic lover, but tonik changed all of that! It smells of summer afternoons (actually, cucumber and chamomile) and has no alcohol, so it's not drying in the least. I love this stuff!

And speaking of love, face kream is one of the best I've ever used. Man, does it moisturize! It's like having a protective layer on your skin, yet you feel nothing at all, but exceptional hydration that lasts all day long. And of course, it's smells good too. I am addicted to this stuff!

If however, you're feeling like you need a little extra TLC for your winter-ravaged skin, get the hydradew mask. Your skin will instantly feel refreshed and cared for. I love that it's a thin, clear gel - it feels like you're actually letting your skin breathe through the mask and not submerging it under an inch of mud, like many masks out there. You can leave it on overnight if you like, but even just 10 or 15 minutes, give immediate results - Your skin will be glowing and clean and fresh and suddenly, it will look like you got the best night's sleep of your life, even if you were out until 3 in the morning! They should call it "miracle mask!"

And to keep that polished look all week long, get face skrub. Innovative with it's cool hydrating gel and pineapple scent, it will get all that dry winter skin off and leave behind glowing, seemingly transluscent skin that people will think cost you a lot of time at spas and a lot of money.

It can be our little secret.

And for a totally transformative shower, get invigor-mint shampu and konditioner. Not only will your hair look and feel amazing (yes, even your colour-treated hair!), but it will smell great too.

This is one of those lines that once you try, you just can't believe the results. So yes, I'm gushing. But it's because not only do they work, but they are fun to use and smell sooo good!

skoah has completely transformed my mornings.

Don't you want a change like that?

Stephanie Dickison

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