Thibiant Spa Face Creams Makes Me Look Radiant And Youthful No Matter How Much (or Little) Sleep I've Had!

Lately I have been looking good despite late nights writing, early mornings writing and generally being slumped over my desk with little daylight or fresh air to show for it.

It's because of Thibiant Spa's face creams. Where dark circles should be are only soft smooth skin. My usually dry skin is vibrant and supple. And all those crinkly lines that seem to only deepen after my long days crumpled over my computer screen have all but disappeared.

I cannot take one lick of credit for this. It's all Thibiant!

Take the Vitasource - Multivitamin Repairing Serum for instance. Used either day or night, it delivers vitamins and nutrients that help to brighten and smooth your face. What is amazing about this serum is that I put it on before bed and upon waking, my face is be completely smooth and it appears that I had had the most restful sleep of the night (which most likely was not the case at all). It islike it kept all of the bad stuff away and just leaves me with the very best skin - unbelieveably amazing!

In the morning, I use Moisture Perfect - SPF 15 Regenerating Moisturizer. This light cream sinks in upon application and keeps my skin hydrated all day long. When I put it on, I feel like I have an invisible and completely weightless layer of protection from the elements and environment - I get home from a long day and my skin feels as moisturized as it did when I left the house in the morning. Oh what a feeling!

I also love their Vital Moisture - SPF 8 Firming Moisture as I can use all the firming protection there is, and this cream is fantastic! While it hydrates the skin as well, it seems to pull up all your tired and droopy parts. My eyelids opened, my cheeks glowed and even my neck seemed to be lineless. I'm calling it facelift in a bottle...

These are just a few reasons to love Thibiant. Another is that their creams smell wonderful and feel good on. But you'll probably like it most for its seeming ability to transform you into a younger, brighter you!

Stephanie Dickison

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