Last-Minute Holiday Fixers to Make You Look Your Very Best

You want to look your best this season, so here are so are a few fun and exciting things to try to make all eyes turn to you. They are completely worth it and even life-changing!

See for yourself...

Warmest wishes,

Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor - the knack

Classified Cosmetics

Spray on makeup that leaves your skin looking flawless can now be had thanks to Classified!

There are many collections to try, but I started with the era everyday essentials collection.
I got my actress friend Allison to help me as she is fearless and will try anything!

It is amazing to watch how something sprayed out of a can can make you look so amazingly perfect!

First, we applied the Primer with a quick zig-zag mist, which is virtually weightless. It's like you're wearing nothing at all, yet your skin brightens and smooths and is ready for the makeup application. Then, we applied the Spray On Foundation in the same fashion as the primer. A headband that comes with the kit keeps our hair back as we spray.

I turned to look at Allison and couldn't believe how amazingly picture-perfect her skin looked - it was as if someone had done a painting of her and yet, there she was right in front of me! It gives you coverage without any pancake-y results. It is water and wear resistant, so we can both run around all day (as we are known to do) and not worry about it rubbing or wearing off.

We both ooh and ahh over the results still weeks later. And guess who's using it on her auditions for Broadway?

Me? I'll just stick to using it for the everyday and this holiday's events, parties and celebrations.


In the past, I have tried removing my hair via little appliances that you move up and down your legs.

I couldn't hack the pain and when I tried to muddle through, the results were spotting. It got some but not all.

Which is why I had been shaving my legs for the last 20 years.

Until the no!no!

This is a completely revolutionary and different beast.

This one actually works and doesn't hurt a bit (and I should know - I have an amazingly low threshold for pain).

The no!no! gets rid of your hair by using Thermicon technology. Basically all that means it that it uses heat and not painful tearing apparatuses to remove the hair. You run the no!no! up and down your legs and your hair falls away without any discomfort on your end. Eventually, your hair also gets reduced so the more you use it, the less your hair grows back.

So it's simple, convenient and effective. AND there's no pain, no ingrown hairs, no chemicals, no strips and wax to fuss with!

Once you try this miracle worker, you'll wonder where it's been your whole life.

And then you'll tell every single person you ever meet about it, because it's that amazing!

Stephanie Dickison

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