Rock Out At Your Desk Or On the Move with Gadget4All's Sqaure Necklace mp3 Player!

As you may know, I love to listen to music and love to dance, whether I'm at my desk working to deadline or catching the streetcar downtown for a meeting.

So when I saw's Square Necklace MP3 Player, I was thrilled!

Because we wear it around your neck , like a necklace, making it the perfect accessory for my urban lifestyle - there is no catching the cord on something as you rush out the door, you can be completely hands free, which let's face it, is just about the best thing , and it looks fantastic!

Simply drag and drop songs from your computer hard drive onto the 1 GB player. I put everything from Daft Punk to Dolly Parton's bluegrass on mine.

What is also uber cool about it is that you control the volume and song order by slight touches on the player's surface. It is turned on only when the earphones are attached, so you can simply disengage the earphones and wear it until you are ready to listen again! No more fumbling around at the bottom of your bag for your player and untangling your earphones. No more wondering where they are, no more having to fuss or worry.

A great music player and peace of mind? And at such an affordable price? How could you not want this?! It makes a fantastic Christmas present...

p.s. It also comes in a Cross design for those of you looking for something a little edgier.

Stephanie Dickison

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