Resolve to Drink the Best Waters This Holiday Season!

Back in the summer, I reviewed the book Fine Waters for my food magazine, Pan.

Well, I went in search of many of the featured water to test out their water and see how it stood up against the rest. I had a water tasting station at a recent luau party that we hosted and you won't believe how great the water was. Despite all the sumptuous wines and homemade food, the waters were the hit of the night!

Here are 4 companies that make really superb tasting waters (I know that sounds weird, but just trust me on this!) and that are now staples of mine here at home - party or no party!

Icelandic Glacial

Icelandic Glacial is one of my all-time favourite tasting waters. It is so clean and crisp and tastes best cold. It is bottled at the source from the legendary Ölfus Spring.

The bottle itself is one of the best designs, with the neck offering 4 subtly different profiles, to give a fractured ice effect which can be seen when turning the bottle and the bottle itself is a soft-edged square, giving it a completely urban and contemporary look.

There is a see through label with a glacier peeking through and with 16 unique variations, the likelihood of having 6 identical bottles in a row is 1,000,000: 1.

The website states:

"Certain elements such as Calcium adversely affect the taste of water and can also result in undesirable physical effects. When water is boiled or frozen the calcium is precipitated out and causes scaling in kettles or the flecking of ice cubes. By comparison - ice cubes made from Icelandic Glacial are crystal clear and kettles don't fur up either when using our water."

So that's where you get that ultimate clean taste from! It tastes like it has really just come off a glacier - pure and untouched - and into your tall glass.

There are a bunch of different sizes available. I cannot get enough of the single serve sports cap version. I can - and do - drink these all day long! So refreshing, you'll be buying these by the case (see the where to buy section for your area).

Penguin Ice

Offered in both Clear (still) and Sparkling, Penguin Ice is a great all-around water that originates in the spring near the village of St. Andre d’Argenteuil, which is near Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The shapely bottle, similar to a wine bottle, comes in clear for the still water and frosted for the sparkling - nice touch. It looks great on the table and makes a great gift for those of us in Ontario wanting to drink water that hasn't traveled from too far, and for those afar wanting a little French Canadian flair at their table - who wouldn't want that, along with perhaps some tortiere and poutine?

VEEN Waters

VEEN is simply delicious - I know that sounds strange for water, but believe me when I tell you that once you have a glass, you're going to want another!

It is one of the smoothest, softest waters you'll ever have, enjoyable from sip to swallow.

Interestly enough, VEEN Velvet is "recommended to be enjoyed at room temperature" with food and wine. Huh. A water that tastes superb at room temperature? Yep, you'd better believe it - which means that you can save that room in the fridge for the big turkey, containers of leftovers from last night's dinner and even perhaps a pumpkin or sweet potato pie!

And for the best sparkling water I've EVER had, Gently sparkling VEEN Effervescent is so wonderfully- just-slightly-bubbly that you won't be hiccuping or feeling bloated afterwards. It is just beautiful!

As is the bottle, with its engraved glass logo and wave in the back of the bottle.

This is a water that you're going to be telling everyone you know about!

Walnut Grove Spring Water

Walnut Grove Spring Water is a socially -conscious water. It is 1 of only 3 privately-owned, single-source, glass-bottled Natural Spring Waters in the US.

According to their website, "In 2007 less than 5 million gallons of walnut grove spring water were harvested, removing less than 1/100 of the source’s production – sustainably preserving the source."

As well, their carbon-friendly glass bottle is 100% recyclable and reusable.

Along with being environmentally conscious, the company makes a beautiful bottle of water. It is cool, crisp and smooth without being audacious or bold.

It is simply a good water with lots of heart . Get yours here.

Stephanie Dickison

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