KENZO POWER - It's The New Fragrance for Men, But I'm Wearing It!

It's not rare for me to take something that is geared towards my fella.

Shower gels, moisturizers, shampoos and such are fair game in our household - and I usually end up loving it so much that my supposed "girly" items get pushed aside for what is actually a man's product.

And the New KENZO POWER Fragrance for Men is no exception.

It's scent is so enticing. In fact, I wore it to one of my best friend's birthday parties on Saturday night and the compliments were flying about how nice I smelled. I never gave it up that it was meant for men. Why should I when I'm rockin' it like I'm Gwen Stefani?

It's intoxicating because it is woodsy and has the warmth of amber and yet, it does have a floral scent, but the combination is heady and hard to nail down, except for bergamot, coriander, cardamom, an abstract floral heart, tolu balm, cedar wood and labdanum (don't worry, I don't have a supersniffer - I just read it off the website...).

Kenzo calls it "the fragrance of opposites," which sums it up nicely. The juxtaposition of mood and scent is complicated and yet completely and utterly compelling.

And the bottle is stunning in its simplicity - mirrored metal with the essence of a high end flask.

It's not surprising why it's on my shelf and not my fellas. But that doesn't mean that we can't share it.

I'm a reasonable woman after all.

But between you and me, it's my new favourite scent and if the bottle is empty by the time he gets around to it, that's not my fault...

Get your own bottle and start a sensation. In fact, get him one while you're at. It's only fair.

Stephanie Dickison

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