Haute Note Creates the Perfect Cards for This Holiday Season!

Are you in the holiday spirit yet?

It's amazing to me that each year, the holidays seem to come more quickly, with a fervor that exceeds the previous year's festivities.

But don't worry - you've still got time to pick out and send cards. And for truly wonderful contemporary designs, Haute Note is the place to go!

The selection is staggering!

The Classic Notes are manufactured using wind power, printed with vegetable based inks, and beautifully packaged in FSC certified material. And the envelope does fit a photograph, which means that you can send along those pics of your dog, birthday party or scarf that took you 5 months to knit. And a little nicety is that you get 8 cards and 9 envelopes - bless their heart for knowing that sometimes, 8 just ain't enough!

Construction Zone is the perfect card for the little tyke who loves to build and rebuild, or for the woman who watches every Mike Holmes show and has renovated her bathroom twice already! Emilia is a lovely everyday card that allows you to send a little note of thanks or appreciation, and the beauty of Magnolias is a lovely way to bring spring into your home.

You can personalize any of these cards, and thanks to such a well-designed website, all it takes is one little click. I love that you can do that!!!!!

I love, love, love the long, lean design of the Signature Cards (also designed by wind power, using vegetable based inks, etc). The design allows you to tuck photos and other goodies into the card, which is genius, and you can get mix and match collections, allowing you more than one design per box, which really is the ultimate in boxed cards, wouldn't you say?

Check out the gorgeous More Branches Box. And Play Activity is a great way to indulge in someone's favourite past time or hobby. I think the bicycle is just so beautiful. Tools is a great card for the foodies in your life (note: I am keeping one of each design for myself!). And my favourite has to be the Best Friend Box. The dogs and cats here are so wonderfully, playfully drawn, I want to adopt them all!

And the Tis the Season Box is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays this year!

You can personalize the front or back of these cards - of which I did with a set of the wonderful Coriander. Each one says "a note from Stephanie" in beautifully fine script. Now how's that for a personal thank you note for the gifts you've received this season?

I'm telling you folks, not only do I love these modern cards, but I think they make a fantastic gift for the folks in your life - as a great hostess, neighbours, staff, hairdresser/esthetician, teacher, dog groomer/walker, friends and family. They come packaged in gorgeous chocolate brown or peaccock blue, so need for the added aggrevation of gift wrapping!

Thank goodness. Because it's going to be really busy this month and the last thing you need is to be spending time on timewasters.

Good thing you've got great cards now! That's one less thing to worry about...

Stephanie Dickison

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