Secret's Light Tights Are Perfect for Fall!

Now that it's getting cooler, the bare leg has got to go.

But don't worry - I've found the perfect solution!

Secret's revolutionary new Light Tights are designed for specifically this time of year, so that you can stay warm without feeling too warm. Nylons are great, but at this time of year, you want the heavier look of a tight, but not necessarily the weight.

Light Tights are stretchy and comfortable and streamlining. There is a slight sheerness to them that allows you to take them from day to night with simply the change of a shoe - from conservative pump to towering heel and BAM! You've got a whole new look without having to change your leg wear! And you'll be so comfortable - not too hot, not too cold. Finally!

I got a pair in each colour - Black, Earth Brown and Grey Flannel. At less than $10, it's a great inexpensive way to accessorize your outfits and bring new life to that work dress that you've worn umpteen times before.

I have now pulled out ALL of my Fall skirts and for once, can wear everything in my closet. That's worth less than $10 isn't it?

Stephanie Dickison

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