Exquisite Letterpress Creates Unique Stationery & Invitations

There is something so wonderful about receiving a card that has been hand picked and hand designed just for you.

At Exquisite Letterpress, you can create your own stationery and invitations.

But it's more than glossy paper and the rote wedding sayings. This is about creating a work of art, a memory, a moment in time captured on paper.

The lengthy process creates a card often on thick paper with deep letters sunken into the page. It makes you want to run your fingers over it again and again.

There is a timelessness to them that will surpass all other invites.

You can choose different options including typography, calligraphy and just look at the gorgeous papers to select from.

Oh my.

If you want cards with weight, that will remain on desktops instead of being shoved into a box or a drawer, you'll want to get them from Exquisite Letterpress.

Stephanie Dickison

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