Leaf and Rusher Beverly Hills Is One of The Best Skincare Lines!

And it should be.

After all, the line was created on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills by a renowned plastic surgeon and registered nurse.

They had seen everything, including celebrities.

But there was nothing on the market that they felt came close to what people got in their clinics.

So they created the Leaf & Rusher line, which is "a perfectly balanced combination of prescription-strength ingredients and never-used before botanicals."

What I like most about their products is that you see instant results. I swear I looked a little younger after following their skincare regimen. And you've got to know that that's a mighty wonderful thing!

I also like that there are no alpha hydroxy acids to irritate my skin, and their concentrates are "specifically designed to target sun damaged DNA, restoring the skin's health within 24 hours."

I tried the Original Tx Collection, where you use a number of products together to give you optimum results as well as DNAResolve Collection.

The Original Tx Collection includes Green Tea Wash, Skin Tonic, Active Serum, Active Serum Sensitive Skin, Tx Formula, Solar Screen, Rapid Resurface and Tx Lips.

The DNAResolve Collection includes Tx Eyes with DNAResolve, Tx Night Formula with DNAResolve and Tx Day Formula with DNAResolve SPF 15.

As you know, sometimes I find it initially difficult to get used to the order and number of things I use on my face (I am such a simple gal), but this system was easy to follow and seeing the results so quickly made me want to run and cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and moisture every single night!

The products are smooth upon application and smell amazing (clean, fresh). I really felt like I was putting on supremely quality product every night.

And here's the best part - my fine lines seemed to disappear, my face became plump with moisture ("So healthy," people would say to me about my new rejuvenated glow) and I felt like I found a skincare line that acutally lived up to its promises.

My face looked better and younger.

All the things you want your skin creams to do, these did.

I pray that they come out with a body cream. After all, I've still got 2,000 parts to work on...

p.s. Leaf & Rusher also has an excellent acne line, Tx Acne.1.2.3 Collection that also works wonders. I don't have acne, so I sent it to a friend that does. She was ecstatic with the results.

Stephanie Dickison

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