The Handbook of Style Gets Me Through Any Fashion Crisis!

When it comes to fashion, I know a lot in terms of designers and what's in, but when it comes to getting ready to go out, I'm a complete dolt.

Maybe it's my wonky hair that's half straight and half curly, or my curvy hips that make some dresses and skirts look sultry when all I'm trying to go for is corporate chic. But often, I need help.

That's why I am smitten by The Handbook of Style: Expert Fashion & Beauty Advice as told to Francine Maroukian and Sarah Woodruff.

The authors went to experts in every field of fashion imaginable and got them to tell us how to do their thing best - whether it's Jim Crawford for Revlon on how to apply false eyelashes or how to start a charm bracelet by Annoushka Ducas of Links of London.

I love some of the incredibly helpful, yet humourous bits like How to Bundle Up Without Looking Like a Walrus, How to Go Glossy and How to Learn to Love Your Thong.

The advice is simple to follow - these experts aren't relying solely on industry jargon, so you can follow what they are saying, which means you can actually pull off what they're suggesting.

I now know how to keep my look fresh, how to get it together for a wedding, how to match my hosiery to my wardrobe and how to spot a comfortable and sexy shoe.

So next time you see me, there may be something slightly different about me. I may have got an extra hour of sleep or cut my hair, by chances are that I'm just more pulled together than before.

And all it took was one wee little book. No hundred dollar consultations with stylists and no extra time or energy on my part. Just a little light reading and I'm ready to conquer the world!

Pretty fantastic investment if you ask me!

Stephanie Dickison

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