Evlove Intimates Lets You Design Your Own Lingerie!

There's something to be said for items that have been made just for you.

And when it comes to lingerie, you dream of putting together your own styles and colours - to suit your every mood and whim.

Well, now it's a reality thanks to Evlove Intimates.

With Evlove, you can to choose from their many styles, their selection of fabrics and "an array of exquisite trimmings."

You pick out what you want and within 3 weeks, your order is sent out!

How amazing is that?!

There is a lot to choose from - bralets, camis, thongs, boyshorts, panties, chemises, loungewear and accessories.

So much that I chose things totally outside of my usual realm. I took the opportunity to step outside of my "usual" and went for the wild and truly fabulous!

I mean, check out this hot as sin thong - The pretty yellow modal/lyrca body is sooooo soft, well, you may never want to take them off! They are trimmed in a wide macintosh red floral lace band that is topped with a sweet red satin bow. And the lace is soft and buoyant, which means it won't be riding up and you won't be wanting to tug the hell out of it. It really hugs your body, but not in the usual elastic way that you're used it. It envelops you.

And one thing that I have to say is just such a nice touch is that the panty panel is nice and long, giving you extra comfort e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

And for something a little more, uh, streamlined, I'm rockin' the g string!

The one I got has a pale blush mesh with black satin elastic and bow and it's hot, even though there's not much of it. It's sexy without being too daring and it sits nice and low so you won't be poppin' it out to the folks behind you. It'll just be our little secret that you're wearing it.

And for lounging (or dancing as I'm apt to do) around the house, I am living in the softest, most luxurious lounge pants. They are sexy and uber-comfortable, which I'm sure you know is an almost impossible feat. I just love this fabric (modal/lycra)!

They hug your butt, lie low on your waist while remaining wide in the leg, making them perfect for well, anything and everything. The pale green fabric is a nice change from the usual black yoga pants we all seem to rely on so heavily and really, have become so tired. The lace accents at the waist and on the leg add visual interest, along with the satin piping along the waist.


And this is just a smidge of what is available -wait until you see the whole line!

And since you probably want to share the excitement, Evlove Intimates suggests holding a lingerie home party.

Me, I'm going to hang out in my new, so-comfortable-you've-got-to-try-it-to-believe-it lingerie.

It's comfortable AND sexy - unbelievable!

Stephanie Dickison

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