The Evolution of Smooth’s Ultra Moisturizing Shave Creams Make My Legs Smoother and Sexier than Ever Before!

I bet you or someone you know still shaves their legs with soap. It’s amazing to me that in this day and age, with all of the advances in technology and all that we know about product ingredients, girls still use soap.

But old habits die hard.

I’ve been using cheap razors all of my life, and it is only in the last 6 weeks that I tried a new one, based on a recommendation in a book that I read. That razor alone made such a difference. I haven’t cut myself once since using it!

And now that I have found EOS: The Evolution of Smooth Ultra Moisturizing Shave Creams, you wouldn’t believe how incredibly smooth my legs are. In fact, I honestly don’t think they’ve been this smooth since I was a teenager!

No joke.

I don’t know how EOS manages to allow me a closer shave – they have no control over the razor I choose. But I’ve never had a closer shave.

And what is so amazing about their shave creams is that YOU CAN SHAVE WET OR DRY! How freakin’ cool is that?! So say you’ve got 10 minutes to get ready for a short-notice date or night out with the girls for drinks – you can throw your leg up on the toilet or tub and shave your legs just before heading out.

That right there just blows my mind.

And the cream is nourishing and moisturizing as soon as you put it on. It comes in 3 modern fragrances – Island Blue, Vanilla Bliss and Pomegranate Raspberry. They are all soothing and alluring, without being too much, like some of those drugstore brands.

This cream doesn’t foam (so there are no harsh detergents drying out your skin!), so you just put it on like cream and thanks to aloe, oat and shea butters, as well as vitamins A + C, your legs feel enveloped in sheer luxury!

In fact, ever since I’ve been using it, I run my hands down my legs constantly because they feel so smooth. My fella too has taken notice! Woo woo!

And EOS has thought of everything – right down to the bottle! It has a smooth, matte finish, so you can pick it up in the shower and it won’t slip. It’s also ergonomic, so it’s easy to hold onto. The plastic bottle is recyclable and there is no metal bottom to rust up your sink or shower – hallelujah!

And it gets even better (I know!!!!) – it’s only $4.99, so it costs about what you’re paying now for that awful drugstore stuff that I promise you, is nothing compared to EOS (I know that’s a pretty bold statement, but I’ve seen the results. This stuff is a freakin’ miracle). And it’s available at Target, Wegman’s, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

So what the hell are you waiting for?

Change your life and your legs!

There’s still a month of summer left. It’s not too late!

Stephanie Dickison

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