Layla Grace Offers Cozy Comforts and Fun Clothing & Accessories! It's Got Everything!

Want a store that has it all - where you can shop for yourself and your friends? Where you can pick up a few clothes while doing your gift shopping?

The perfect place is Layla Grace, where they have items for the boss, co-worker, friend, hostess, new Mom and even teacher/coach!

I spent many hours going through the site and making lists of all things that I want to get for the folks in my life - and a few odds and ends for myself... I couldn't resist!

Like the CozyChic Lite Women's Zip Hoodie in Espresso. It is like the softest thing ever, despite it being 82% nylon and 18% polyester. You honestly feel like you are wrapped in silk and yet, all products are washable and dryable. How can that be, I find myself wondering.

I love that this top comes in a range of colours and you can zip it up or keep it open. It is a little lighter than the regular CozyChic Hoodie and has the added bonus of new features like reverse stitching detail and an antique zipper. It is a perfect transition top from summer to fall and fall to winter. Throw it on for late night walks or just cozying up on the couch to watch a movie. Really, there's no time you're not going to want to be wearing it because it's so damn soft and comfy!

And you should see all the fantastic items that they have - pjs, loungewear, camis, tanks and crazy soft pants! And don't even get me started on their home items, gift items. They not only have stationery, but they also have shoes... Shoes, people, shoes!!

Shop online now at Layla Grace - for you, your friends and family and see how amazing it is to be able to shop for everyone at once!

In fact, you've saved so much time that I think you deserve a little extra something, like the Distressed Grey Double Handbag, perhaps...

Stephanie Dickison

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