Seaside Naturals Make Natural Cleaning Products That Are Affordable, Smell A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and Really Work!

A couple of nights ago I was at a media dinner where talk at our table revolved around which smartphone is the best and what natural cleaning products work.

Surprisingly, it was the natural cleaning products debate that overtook the table and opinions were being flung across the room about which worked, which didn’t and ones that didn’t seem to be natural at all.

I was amazed at how passionate people were and how steadfast they were in their opinions.

But really, I shouldn’t be so shocked. Because there is nothing worse than trying to go natural only to have the products smell bad and/or not work.

But with Seaside Naturals, you don’t have to worry because all of their products have natural, non-toxic ingredients that are safe to use and smell fantastic thanks to pure essential oils!

Their products contain no phosphates, ammonia, butyl ethers, chlorine bleach, Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, colorings, dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Seaside Naturals also “consciously uses environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques, local suppliers, recycled and sustainable materials when available.”

So not only do you get a really great, safe clean with their products, you get a house that smells like you’ve just filled your rooms with fresh flowers! And all for a exceptionally reasonable price!

I tried the Scented All Purpose Cleaner.

The cleaner comes in a large, clear spray bottle (24.5 fl. oz.) that lasts and lasts – and that’s with me cleaning almost every day! You can use it on everything (including papered or painted walls!) inside and outside – even on your barbeque grill!

It is one of the best smelling All Purpose Cleaners I’ve ever used. Lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils leave your house smelling incredibly clean and fresh!

It is great for chemically sensitive people, as the ingredients are only: filtered water, vinegar, sodium citrate, alcohol (from grain), a blend of pure essential oils and a naturally derived cleaning agent (vegetable-based surfactant).

I have tried many glass cleaners, but nothing beats Seaside Naturals Scented Glass Cleaner. Not only does it not leave streaks (like those ones made by those other companies!), but it smells of Peppermint and lasts like you wouldn’t believe.

Our place has mirrored doors on all of the closets and the bathroom mirror takes up almost the whole wall, so once or twice a week, I clean all the mirrors. The 24.5 fl. oz. bottle has lasted for over 6 months!

And although it contains vinegar, the spray does not smell at all like vinegar. You just get a lovely fresh minty smell, which is totally preferable to vinegar, wouldn’t you say?

And you don’t have to just use it on mirrors and windows. I use it on my counters, stove top, really anything that you want to clean and shine!

And don’t be surprised if on the first time you use it on your mirrors or windows, it looks a little cloudy. That’s because your old glass cleaners left a nasty wax buildup, so just give it another go and you’ll have clean windows and mirrors that from now on can be cleaned only once, very quickly, and left smelling great!

And if you want something to keep your linens and clothes smelling great, try Seaside Natural’s All Natural Lavender Linen Water.

Containing only filtered water, a blend of pure essential oils and alcohol (from grain), you won’t believe how wonderful it smells and how instantly it relaxes you.

You can add it to the rinse cycle of your washing machine or hand washables, or add it to your iron to make your clothes smell extra fresh.

And because lavender is such a calming presence, you can spray your pillows and bed linens before you go to bed “to sleep deeper and feel more rested in the morning.”

Now isn’t that just about the greatest thing?

And for the little ones in your life, you get the same gentle, all natural care from their Little Star line of baby products.

There’s Baby Shampoo and Wash, Little Star Sleepy Spray and Room Freshener, and All Natural Baby Lotion to name just a few.

Trust your home to Seaside Naturals and Little Star. You won’t be harming yourself or the environment and you’ll be enhancing your home with the most wonderful, natural fragrances!

I bet you can’t say that about the cleaners under your sink right now or the products next to the crib.

Stephanie Dickison

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