Pevonia Botanica’s Elite Spa Care Power Repair Line Takes Care of My Wrinkles and Fine Lines - Instantly!

Pevonia Botanica’s skin care lines are used by spas worldwide.

Not only are the best smelling products you’ll ever use on your face (it’s like an English garden every time you open the jar!), but they are using the very best holistic botanical and marine elements where you get instant results each and every time.

I tried the Power Repair Line, which is designed to get at those fine lines and wrinkles and will even target your skin’s elasticity and uneven skin texture!

This anti-aging program uses Marine Collagen, Marine Elastin, Marine d.n.a., Hyaluronic Acid, and Microemulsified vitamins to give your skin a youthful appearance almost immediately!

Refining Marine d.n.a. (deoxyribonucleic acid) Concentrate and Cream contain a blend of Marine d.n.a and Gardenia oil, which is not oily at all. You put this on to tighten pores and smooth your skins appearance and texture.

They smell fantastic. In fact, they smell so good that I couldn’t wait to apply them each morning and before going to bed!

I really like the Collastin Eye Contour for getting at the bags under my eyes (another week of late night restaurant and events!) and plumping up the skin around them so I no longer look so tired or old!

For cleansing, I am a big fan of the Hydrating Cleanser, which smells great and gets at all the grime that you’ve come into contact throughout the day.

Right afterwards, apply the Hydrating Lotion which “completes the cleansing process and prepares your skin for further treatment.” A combination of Hyaluronic Acid, Licorice and Vitamin E keep your skin hydrated and revived.

Pevonia Botanica's products are fantastic! They work quickly and smell fantastic! The company also uses fully recyclable, biodegradable packaging and does not test on animals.

It's win-win, if you ask me.

Stephanie Dickison

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