Be Present’s Bamboo and Cotton Clothes Are The Most Comfortable and Peaceful Clothing You’ll Ever Own!

There is nothing I love more than bamboo clothing. I have written about it extensively here at the knack because the comfort and softness can’t be found in other materials. There is a real kindness about the material, and every single time I wear it, I feel like a brand new, better me.

I know that may sound silly, but it’s true. Bamboo and I are meant to be.

So when I came across the be present website, I knew I’d found a match made in heaven!

Their company is based around the 7 chakras. Chakras are “energy centers in our bodies that look after our social, sexual and spiritual being.” I love that be present offers extra strength in both symbols and colours should you need it. For example the Root Chakra. be present says “Need more grounding? Wear red for stability and inner strength.” Heart Chakra – “Need a hug? Wear green and experience compassion and unconditional love.”

So not only are you getting incredibly comfortable clothing, you are getting something that really means something as well.

And the styles! Oh my, how I love the styles!

be present offers clothes for both men and women – tees, tanks, tops, hoodies, camis, bras, shorts, capris and a ton of choices of pants – and they are all completely and utterly sexy.

I got the Bamboo Intention Pant, which is capri length and has a fold-over waistband and side slits. The material is 95% bamboo fiber knit with 5% lycra and is so freakin’ comfortable, you’ll feel as if you’re wearing your pajamas outside!

But you will look so fantastic! The day they arrived, I changed into them and went for a walk to the library. I got stopped 3 times to tell me how nice my pants were! Trust me, ladies and gentlemen, this is not a common occurrence!

I got them in azure, which is a soft medium blue and oh-so beautiful!

They are figure hugging, but only in the right places and I am a girl with curves, so usually I am trying to streamline everything, but these pants do it all for you!

As sweet and lovely and intoxicating is the Long Bamboo Lounge Pant. Talk about sexy! They are long and lean and also have the fold-over waistband and bamboo/lycra blend. They allow you movement and agility but also peace and grace. I love these so much, I’m thinking of getting 12 so I’ll always have a pair to wear! I got them in forest, which is a lovely olive and goes with everything!

And to keep myself centered and balanced, I went with a Thought Tank. I love the idea of putting a thought out there to the world and then also taking it as your own. The colours and phrases are fantastic – I’m sure you’ll find one that will speak to you. In fact, you may want to get one of each, they’re so good! I got mustard seed’s “be confident” for those days when I need a little extra nudge. I love the red “trust your instincts” and royal blue’s “speak your mind.” Accompanying each phrase is the chakra related to it and the be present logo is on the back between the shoulder blades.

The tank is ribbed and pre-shrunk, made from organic cotton, making it breathable and comfortable and a much needed item in your summer wardrobe!

There is much, much more available. What I have written about here is just a tiny sampling of what be present has to offer. What they offer - style and comfort and all by using sustainable materials - should not be missed!

Check out their complete line and make a move towards comfort and a life full of intention.

I know you might not think that clothes can change you, but you haven’t tried these yet.

Stephanie Dickison

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