Stampington & Company’s Magazines Really Get the Creative Process Going!

Although I write and that’s creative, I can’t do much in the way of most creative things – I can’t sew, my knitting is a disaster, I can’t build anything and anything crafty with glue and scissors turns out looking like something a 5 year-old could do.

But I still enjoy the creative process, but in different ways I suppose – I cook, build websites, and if I could just design the clothes, jewellery, shoes and purses and have someone else make them, well, that would be perfect.

So when I came across Stampington & Company’s great collection of Magazines, I knew I had found issues that would inspire me and were in my comfort zone of being able to create without failing too miserably - like the knitting debacle of ’87.

There is something for everyone here – everything from rubber stamping to papercrafts and mixed media.

But I found 3 issues that a craft klutz such as myself could use and enjoy!

Life Images is bursting with 144 pages of original photographs.

Full page photos complete with writings from the photographers allow the words that perhaps go unsaid in the picture.

I like this format a lot because while I find the photos inspiring, it is not intimidating like most professional photographer magazines on the newsstands today. This is the kind of magazine you can flip through and enjoy without the pressure of worrying about lenses, depth of range and how to anticipate the sun’s location.

There is a mix of black-and-white and colour photos from all sorts of hobbyists, so you have a really nice range of subject matter and helpful advice along the way that will help you take better pictures.

It’s the perfect magazine for a photo hobbyist like me. Nothing too technical, but inspiring all the same!

Somerset Digital Studio is a fantastic publication that gives website builders and bloggers such as myself and artists in any medium, inspiring ideas and tips on how to improve your work online.

If you want to touch up your photos, digitally scrapbook and scan and edit your work, this is the magazine for you!

And my favourite magazine is Artful Blogging because blogs have really become a place that people go for information, yet with all the templates, pictures and links that are used, they have become one of the most personal mediums to learn from.

And having 3 blogs myself, I was excited to see all the possibilities and what other people are doing. And while there is a lot to learn, like all of Stampington & Company’s publications, the information is presented in such a way that you can learn new ideas without feeling lectured to and feel free to create as you see it, and not have to follow what others are doing.

This magazine to me is a real celebration of how people are presenting their ideas to the world. It makes me feel good to see that people are putting so much of themselves into their work.

I try to do that everyday here and in my printed work, and can’t wait to try some of the things I’ve learned.

There are many more exciting titles at Stampington & Company – I’m sure there’s something there for you. Have a look at all of the titles and start creating the work you want - the work you've always dreamed of doing.

It’s one of the most exciting things you can do!

Stephanie Dickison

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