Secret’s Slimmers Keep Me Looking Trim and Tucked In!

It’s Saturday and tonight I’m going out, but first, I’d like to just tuck in my tummy a bit and trim my thighs just a titch so that I look long and lean and all smooth in my new summer dress.

I would like to just be able to throw something on and go, but truthfully, due to sitting and writing for a living and sitting and eating for a living, I have a bit more tummy and thighs than I would like.

But I’m working on losing it all. In the meantime though, I am grateful for Secret Slimmers, a line of tummy, waist and thigh shapers that keep my lines clean and my little extra parts in check!

I tried The Secret Slimmers Tummy Shaper Pantyhose with Firm Control Panty in Black.

Whoo wee did this work! This is my new favourite accompaniment for restaurant reviews. I can wear figure-skimming dresses or a pencil skirt and all of my unsightly bulges, bumps and lumps magically disappear.

And what I loved most about this pair was it didn’t cut off my circulation and it wasn’t uncomfortable to sit for a long period of time, like the 3 hours I was at that French place, which I think you’ll agree is a fantastic test of strength, durability and comfort.

They also have a Capri Thigh & Tummy Shaper with Firm Control if you’re looking to slim up your knee-length skirt, dress or capri look. It flattens your tummy (thank you) and slims your thighs.

Ahhh. That’s much better.

And the Panty High Waist Shaper gives you control where you need you most – on tummy and thighs – and defines your waist just that much more.

I love that there is a solution for the little problems I have.

No one’s perfect and certainly not me. But it’s nice having a little coverage and help when you need it.

So tonight I’ll be rocking my dress and not worrying about bumps and lumps and just enjoying the company of my fella and friends.

Isn’t that just how it should be?

Stephanie Dickison

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