Father’s Day is in 6 Days – Do You Know What You’re Going to Get?

Father’s Day is this Sunday and most people I’ve talked to haven’t bought anything yet. I think it gets harder every year because Dad usually has acquired much of what he wants, so you end up trying to figure out the one thing he doesn’t have.

With my Dad, it’s easy – books. Every birthday, Father’s Day and Christmas he gets books and that’s what he truly wants.

But books aren’t for everyone. So I’ve searched the globe for what I hope are interesting options for your Dad. Things that are the usual suspects- like cufflinks and computer gadgets - but hopefully a little more exciting than what you would get at the mall.

Many thanks,

Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor – the knack


If your Dad is a business fella, cufflinks are a good option - you don’t have to get a boring pair from the department store though. Here are some that will really show you care:

Margie Jewellery Studio’s Michelle Goldfinger makes the most beautiful King Cufflinks. They are hand fabricated from copper & brass and sterling silver and will show your Dad you think he’s king and that you thought of him enough not just pick something up at Urban Outfitters where you were picking up jeans anyway…

And at LinkYourShirt.com, you can grab a pair of something really suited to your Dad’s style - you can choose from stylish to novelty links and everything in between.

If your Dad plays poker, the Ace Card Cufflinks are a lot of fun and yet incredibly chic at the same time. The lined background and pressed ace on these make them steps above the cheap poker accessories at the mall.

And if your Dad has a lot of style, I think the Navy Blue Wave Cufflinks are just smashing! They are like a pool of water captured in enamel and lined in sterling silver. Against a crisp white shirt, Dad is sure to make the sale wearing these beauties!

Paper Organization

Is your Dad one of those guys trying to get out under the paperwork and just trying to stay organized at the office and at home? Here are some tools that I think might help:

The Internet Password Organizer from InnoventionLab is one of those fantastic finds that help in immeasurable ways and yet fits in your desk drawer!

This hard covered, spiral bound notebook stores all your internet passwords safely and conveniently and actually leaves you enough room on its clean, white pages to write everything down without having to run off the page, no matter how long the URL is.

There are reinforced tabbed dividers to get you to the alphabetized section you need quickly and you can open the book flat, allowing for comfort and ease of use.

There are also sections for your ISP info, Home Network, License Manager and for Notes.

This seemingly plain looking book is meant to look that way so that you can store all of this vital information securely.

Ahh. Peace of mind. Isn’t that just about the best gift you could give?

And if Dad’s all over the place and just wants to collect his thoughts, figure out a plan or really nail that presentation, I think I’ve got just the thing -The Bubble Planner is a unique planning system in that it allows your subconscious free-reign and allows your wandering and constantly spilling over mind somewhere to lay down and rest.

You fill in the bubbles and all of a sudden, you are seeing your time not in increments of 15 or 30 minutes, but as actions and goals.

And the best thing is that you don’t have to be a time-efficiency expert or organizational wizard. You can just want to get things done and if your Dad has had a to-do list for the longest time, this might just be the thing that allows him to get it done.

You can get The Bubble Planner in a number of options.

I highly recommend the Original. I got My Daily Bubble | Day Manger for Women for me while I was at it.

I think these are fabulous and really will help you accomplish all that you want to do.

And for a present with a ton of thought put into it, go to Engrave Your Tech. Joe Mansfield, Founder & Designer, has made it possible for you to personalize something for Dad through laser engraving.

You can get his laptop done or get a Moleskine engraved with his favourite image. I got Tools of Creation, but truthfully I love them all!

And just think, Dad will have a place to record his thoughts and have something that is truly him. How cool it THAT?!

Computer Accessories

If your Dad is a computer guy, have I got some fun stuff for you to wow him with! Come have a look:

Does your Dad have a MacBook, PowerBook or iBook but tosses it into that old, beat up burdundy briefcase from the 80s with no protection?


But don’t worry – I have the perfect solution!

The AppleSac offers protection without the bulk and has a front pocket for CDs, DVDs or your power adapter.

They are amazingly simple – they load from the top and have a 6-inch Velcro closure.

The original design was made from burlap, but if you want something a little more modern for Dad, the Black ColcaSac is the way to go. Made of heavy black hemp canvas and lined with cream, 100% polyester fleece, it is both simple, yet beautiful in its design and will protect Dad’s laptop without him having to give up the briefcase.

Even though you wish he would.

Brando is one of those sites where you can find everything you need for your computer, no matter what. And the 2.5" and 3.5" SATA HDD Dock with Hub is no exception.

The SATA HDD Dock with Hub allows you to plug any 2.5" or 3.5" SATA Hard Disk to your computer via USB port. This allows for data transfer, backup and cloning, and functions as a 4-port hub as well.

It works whether Dad is a PC or Mac guy, and features:

- Supports both S-ATA 2.5" HDD and 3.5" HDD
- 4-port USB hub
- USB 2.0
- AC Power Adapter input: 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A
- AC Power Adapter output: 12V/3A
- Support Windows VISTA, XP and Mac OS
- Dimension: 130 mm (W) x 68 mm (H) x 90 mm (D)
- Weight: 892g (approx)

The package contains:

- 2.5" and 3.5" SATA HDD Dock
- AC Adapter
- Power Cable
- USB Cable
- Manual

(Hard Disk Drive is not included)

And it’s okay if you didn’t understand any of that. Your Dad will, and that’s what matters.

And for a truly fun way for Dad to store information, go to mimobot, where you can get Designer USB Flash Drives by mimoco!

Why store it on a plain ol’ white stick when you can get something fun and designer made?

mimobot offers such a wide selection, you’re bound to see 3 or 4 for Dad and at least 20 for yourself!

There’s the Star Wars Series, which even if you’re not the biggest fan, totally rock! Not only does Princess Leia come with stickers and information already on her, but you can add a protoHoodie Keychain Accessory for half price when purchased with your mimobot! Just use the drop-down menu!

How freakin’ cool is that?

And since using Princess Leia, I have had 5 people offer to buy her off me. No way! She is mine, boys! You’re just going to have to get your own!!

But look at the selection! I love (and want) them all and think that you might be here awhile...

These are the coolest USB Flash Drives I have EVER seen! Just imagine Dad’s face when he sees you got him Han Solo or Owlsley Owlbert!

Now that’s a Father’s Day to remember!

Stephanie Dickison

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