Slingbox and Slingbox PRO Rock My Universe!!!

The Slingbox is my very favourite technological discovery of the year.

It allows you to watch television on your computer. Not just any television. Your television. Anywhere you and your computer are, you can watch the stations that you subscribe to.

Just imagine, you can watch your cable, satellite or DVR programming on your laptop, PC, Mac, and some smartphones no matter where you are – at a friend’s house, hotel or airport.

Living with a wonderful television writer has me watching television than perhaps I have ever in my life. And now thanks to the ingenious invention of the Slingbox, we can watch it where it’s most convenient for us!

And don’t worry about having a hard time setting it up or lots of difficult instructions or wires to connect. It’s basically: plug it in, program it and you’re ready to go. And the beautiful red box is sleek and slim and a nice visual addition to any entertainment center.

It is seriously one of the best inventions I’ve come across and while I realize the iPod’s importance, I really think the Slingbox deserves way more press, kudos and applause.

You’ll see what I mean when you have a look at. And then you’ll have to get one. And then you’ll wonder how you’ve managed all of this time without it. And then you'll become like me and badger your friends like some sort of religious zealot - "What do you mean you don't have one yet?!"

And if you’re watching amazing television like we are – Friday Night Lights, In Treatment, The Unit, and The Wire (in reruns we hope) – you’re gonna want to get one of these as soon as possible.

And the Slingbox PRO just took it one step better - it allows you to control and watch up to four video sources.

If you don't see me in the next while, know that I'm at home curled up with my Slingbox.

It truly is one of the greatest inventions of our time.

Stephanie Dickison

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