MALIN + GOETZ - Unbelievably Fantastic!!

MALIN + GOETZ is one of those lines where everything they make is unbelievably fantastic.

Their shampoos and conditioners have their own devotees and fan clubs and I can see why!

I recently tried their Lip Moisturizer and it is the best one I’ve ever had!

As you may know if you’ve been reading the knack for awhile, I have the driest lips. They always have been. So finding something that keeps that soft and silky for more than an hour is a challenge.

But ever since I’ve been using MALIN + GOETZ Lip Moisturizer (click on Smile), my lips have not been flaking like usual (I know, gross). I can wear lipstick or lipgloss and it won’t fade away or flake off (thank you absorbent fatty acids!).

It is incredible. I feel like a regular person now.


And for those of you more sensitive folks, it’s also fragrance, flavour and colour free.

And another luxurious item I found was the MALIN + GOETZ Dark Rum Candle. (click on Gifts)

Yes it smells like rum, but it also smells of leather and dark wood, strong men and warm breezes – or more technically: top notes of bergamot and plum; middles notes of rum and leather; base notes of amber, patchouli and milk.

I love that it’s 16% Eau de Toilette - you can smell the difference that quality makes. And I think it’s great that it’s meant to be paired with their Mojito Candle! Such fun!

I am a MALIN + GOETZ devotee now too. In fact, I’m thinking of becoming president of their fan club.

Whatever they make, I know will be fun and of the utmost quality. I can't wait to try their other products!

With my soft, silky lips, I’m off to read beside my Dark Rum Candle... mmm.

Stephanie Dickison

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