Love of Mine Boutique Offers Incredibly Fun & Affordable Jewelry and Accessories

I have decided that I am going to have a little more fun with my jewelry and accessories.

I have always had a specific low-key style when it comes to jewelry, sticking with the basics and very simple choices that are always versions of what I had before.

Well, I’m changing that this season with Love of Mine Boutique’s inexpensive and delightfully colourful choices.

What fun!

I got the Purple Sparkle Dog Tag, which at only $14 is a complete steal! I love the pink lemonade sparkles that offset the gold and the heart charm adds that extra girly touch, I think.

And the Turquoise Snake Ring is one of those bold accessories that will get you noticed.

I love the Tiffany blue body that sits large on the finger and the diamond-y snake on top adds just a little edge, which I really like. And the ring is only $15, so you can go ahead and go out tonight without feeling the guilt of having gone overboard shopping for jewelry!

There’s something to be said for good quality, long-lasting jewelry, but I think it’s fun to change your jewelry depending upon your mood, the season and your outfits.

Now you can afford to, thanks to Love of Mine Boutique!

Stephanie Dickison

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