TLC Bags Are a Great Way to Wake Up Your Wardrobe for Spring!

12:46 pm

Tracy Crandall’s TLC Bags are so different, everyone will be stopping you to ask where you got it.

Tracy has two kinds of bags – felted wool and “rescued” materials that she has found in various thrift stores.

The Wool Bag that I got has a woven sienna leather belt for a handle and a beautiful array of colours of old and new hand-dyed wool for the body of the purse – lines of soft rose, lime, aqua and different shades of autumn - and are accented by a clay leaf closure (handmade by a friend).

It is not only exquisite, but a one of a kind piece of art, as each piece is handknit or crocheted with wool (or a combination of wool/synthetic yarn) then felted down in size, giving a soft and luxurious look to the purse.

The Tea Bag, which you may know Tracy for, is hand-crocheted using striped of tees, blouses, curtains and anything that she can find. It gives quite a dramatic effect, all of these knots and ends sticking out! This too has a leather belt for a strap and clay button, but is very different than the ones on the Wool Bag.

Tracy is doing colours for Spring right now, but I love this one with dark olive green, warm orange and a funky Seventies print complete with zigs and zags in black on a caramel background! It will go with everything!

TLC Bags are available across the country – you can check out the locations here.

One thing I love about these bags is that they aren’t the Birkin of the moment – they’re an expression of who you are – a free-spirited individual.

And they’re handmade with love out of recycled materials all at a very reasonable price.

p.s. TLC Bags will be at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto at the Direct Energy Centre March 20-24. Stop by and get a bag while you’re there. You’ll be so glad you did!

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