Seda France Introduces Two Exclusive New Classic Toile Gift Sets!

Seda France is famous for its hand-poured candles and home fragrances and now there are 2 new Classic Toile Gift Sets Available – all of which come in a beautifully designed box, so you don’t need to spend time fussing with giftwrap and ribbons.

I mean, aren’t you busy enough without having to worry about wrapping the gift too?

These gift sets are a perfect choice for a birthday, anniversary or hostess present.

Each Classic Toile gift set contains:

- a 14 oz hand-poured Pagoda box candle with a 60+ hour burn time
- as well as 3 travel tin candles (with a 12-14 hour burn time)

The hand-poured candle comes in a hefty glass that you can reuse as a drinking glass, vase or pen holder and the travel candles come in beautifully elegant gold tins.

These come in a number of fragrances, but my favourite is Japanese Quince. The website describes it as "Appealingly provocative, Japanese Quince, is a piquant fragrance with aspects of rhubarb, passion fruit and white fleshed peach over a heart of white jasmine petals."

But I have to add that it is incredibly intoxicating and alluring. It is very fragrant and equally fruity and flowery, which I have never before experienced in a scent, and I have to say I absolutely adore it.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the neighbours over for appetizers and cocktails before heading out to an event. We were having the best time – talking, laughing – and yet, every once in awhile, someone would remark how good the place smelled and how either floral or citrusy it was.

I had of course just cleaned before the guests had arrived, so I chalked it up to a heady blend of natural cleaners, my perfume and having opened the windows a touch as the hors d’ouevres were being heated in the oven. It wasn’t until after they had left that I noticed I had lit a tin of the Seda France Japanese Quince earlier in the afternoon.

I love having the big hand-poured candle at my desk for when I’m working away and I used 2 of the 3 tins while traveling as they are so light and slim. What a nice luxury to be able to light a candle while away. It really does add to the whole hotel experience.

I haven’t experienced the other fragrances in the collection myself, but I can only imagine their power and grace.

Stephanie Dickison

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