Mr Jones Watches Are No Mere Regular Time Pieces – These Fellas Are Going to Change Your Life!

These are some kick-ass watches!

Crispin Jones initially designed the first series of Mr Jones Watches as limited editions, with only 100 per design. They are now thankfully available to you as an open edition.

There are 3 designs to choose from, all of which are charming and a little cheeky and look damn good on your wrist!

The Accurate is a sure way to keep yourself in the present with the hour hand reading “remember” and the minute hand ticking away with “you will die.” The face is mirrored so that you’ll see yourself each time you check the time. Eerie, isn’t it? According to the website, “The Accurate is a link to the venerable tradition of the memento mori - an object designed to remind us that life is brief and that we should seize the moment while we are here.”

Having come from a very poignant and moving funeral yesterday, I can only say that this is something we need to be reminded of more often, and what better when than a stylish watch with a black leather strap with white stitching?

The Decider is a watch that I am going to give to many a friend who can’t make a decision. I know a ton of folks with whom it takes half an hour to decide on a restaurant or movie or what we’re going to do. This is like a gift for the both of us in my eyes.

See, as the seconds tick round in this exquisite design, you’ll see either YES or NO show up on the watch face. All the work is taken out of it for the indecisive person – just look down and let the watch tell you what to do!

YES shows up in red and the NO is in black, so there’s no confusing the two. And in a bit of further design genius, the top half of the leather strap is black, while the bottom half is red.

Freakin’ brilliant if you ask me!

But the one that I love the most is The Mantra.

Every hour this beautifully elegant white watch with white leather strap (accented with dark blue stitching – fabulous!) displays a positive message like “you are amazing” and a negative one (“you’re stupid”).

I like it because the positive message sticks and the negative one just makes me laugh and actually keeps me in my place.

I know you might be thinking, “Aren’t we inundated with enough negative messages throughout the day?” but I have to say, I think Crispin Jones got this watch bang on. The website says that “Over time The Mantra makes the arrogant person more humble and makes the humble more confident.” To me, that sounds like the perfect kind of message.

The website also explains that “The Mantra is inspired by the psychological theories of Émile Coué who promoted the practice of conscious autosuggestion, that is the repeition of positive statements to heal the body or mind; most famously with the phrase ‘Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better.’”

And hey, I can use all the help I can get.

Each watch comes in a MJW presentation box with a specially commissioned illustration by Nadine Faye-James – a comical group of birds made up of a host of colours and fonts – along with a guarantee card that guarantees the watch for “12 months from the date of purchase against original manufacturing defect.”

The watches are water-resistant and can be worn by both men and women.

In a world where everyone’s wearing the same jeans, jacket and shoes, isn’t it time you found a statement piece that makes you stand out?

That’s how I feel about Mr Jones Watches.

Of course, that could just be from the subliminal messages coming from my Mantra watch…

Stephanie Dickison

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