Kolobags Launches First Branded Collection of Laptop Skins!

I love Kolobags - they have great laptop bags and accessories in fantastic fashion-forward styles and fabrics!

And now they have created a new line of Kolobag laptop skins, allowing you to not only personalize your computer, but protecting it from scratches.

And because they are easily removable and reusable, you can change your skin to your mood. The vinyl skin is made to fit 12-17 inch laptops (the skin is 13.7” x 10”)and can be trimmed to fit.

There are currently 11 designs to choose from.

I got the kolobags oxford blue laptop skin, which is a nice change from my white laptop on my white desk. This one features the kolobag funky flower design in white on a warm blue background. There are 3 others showcasing the flower in different colours.

But I’ve gotta tell you – I want a lot of them! I loooooove the schtickers lapschtick blue snappy stripes laptop cover for calming work nights and the schtickers lapschtick red blossom laptop cover for keeping me going during the day.

But if I had a choice, I would rock out to the schtickers lapschtick black turntable laptop cover because really, it’s just too cool and then I’d save the schtickers lapschtick skull laptop cover for deadlines and when I really need to work hard to get the job done.

And because the skins are only $19.99, you can afford to get more than one.

And let’s face it, you’re on your laptop day in, day out – you might as well give it some personality and make it fun. I mean, you wouldn’t leave your cubicle bare, would you?

Stephanie Dickison

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