I Can’t Believe My Lashes After Using Tweezerman Tools!

I used my first eyelash curler only about 6 months ago.

And truthfully, I really should have been using one a lot longer.

I have long lashes, but small eyes, so curling them really opens my little peepers up.

While I enjoyed my last curler – a pretty purple metal number – I am completely astonished by the feel of the Tweezerman Supercurl Eyelash Curler and the difference in how it makes my eyes look!

In fact, as we were heading into the theatre last night, my fella actually commented on nice my lashes looked! So you gotta know it’s making quite the difference!

The Superlash Curler is big and plastic, so you don’t get that metal indent on your hand that can happen with other curlers. The curling surface is HUGE, so you get a really defining curling and it only takes a couple of seconds to see results! It also feels really soft and comfortable (NO PINCHING!!!!), though it did take me a couple of tries to figure out where to put it after using my small metal one for so long.

It’s suggested to warm the silicone pad with your hair dryer, which I’ll try, but I am so pleased with the results as is, that I don’t think it’s necessary.

And the Tweezerman Folding llashcomb is great! The gold plated teeth are designed to be used AFTER YOU’VE APPLIED YOUR MASCARA! How cool is that? The one problem I’ve always had with my lashes is they kind of do their own thing and go in different directions, which always causing clumping and a kind of Liza Minnelli look.

The Folding llashcomb has cured that problem! You just glide them through while your lashes are still wet and they are separated. The comb folds up for ease (and to protect the metal teeth) of use and you clean it with a cotton ball or tissue soaked with alcohol.

So next time you see me, have a look at my lashes – you won’t believe how great they look!

Stephanie Dickison

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