Hip T’s Save the Day By Covering You Up Where You Need It Most!

I have a lot of low rise pants and some long tees, but not enough to get me by, without revealing a little sumthin' sumthin'.

However, now thanks to hip-T, I can add this little bit of cover up to whatever shirt I’m wearing and not have to worry about the whole world seeing my most private parts.

I like this because not all of my tanks and tees are long, so now I can wear items in my wardrobe that rarely see the light of day!

The soft, stretchy fabric is like a super wide belt that you wear over your hips and under your top. You just step into it like you would a skirt and it will look like you’re wearing a long top underneath your current top! I like this facet of it too, because there’s nothing I hate more than feeling too constricted by layers – this way, I get the long, lean look and the thong coverage I need in low-rise pants, without having to constantly readjust my shirts!


They come in a host of colours, with or without a lace bottom and there’s even a Vintage Dot one that is a great accent piece, even if you don’t require covering up!

I keep my hip-T’s (one in charcoal gray and one black with lace) in the see-thru plastic pouches that they come in because, truthfully, I use them almost every day and it’s a great way to always access them throughout the week when I am changing outfits from home to restaurant gig to going out for drinks with friends.

I am so grateful for my hip-T’s. They have not only saved others from having to see my backside on occasion, but I use them to my make my look long and lean.

They are fantastic accessories that once you start using, you won’t believe you’ve lived without this long!

Stephanie Dickison

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