Happy Feet Can Now Be Had Thanks to Fragrant Footings by Summer Soles

Fragrant Footings by Summer Soles are so fantastic, you are going to want to buy a bunch in each scent!

These scented insoles release subtle bursts of fragrance while cushioning your tootsies and absorbing perspiration!

These are perfect for spring and summer sandals – giving you added comfort while releasing tiny burst of essential oil fragrance – Bare Shoulder Smolder Jasmine, Garden Party Lemon and Kiss Me Till Morning Mint.

They also wick away moisture, so even on the hottest Havana-like nights, you can dance away the night with confidence!

They are super easy to use – just peel and stick! And don’t worry about sticky residue after you remove them – they’ll be none of that, thank goodness. So feel free to use ‘em in your most expensive pair! You can use them in open or closed-toe sandals or shoes with leather or non-fabric interiors, and you can trim them to fit even your skinniest, pointiest pair! And they come in black or camel, so they’ll blend in with your shoe’s design.

You can get Fragrant Footings Scented Insoles or Ball of Foot Cushions, which when you see the towering shoes for this season, you’re going to want all the comfort you can get!

Get a whack of them now and you’ll be ready for as soon as the warm weather hits.

It is going to get warmer, right? I have all these beautiful shoes and nowhere to wear them…

Stephanie Dickison

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