GudFud Marshmallows Are a Wonderful, Slightly Gooey Treat!

GudFud Marshmallows are like nothing you’ve ever had before – they are fresh marshmallows stuffed with either fruit jelly or chocolate!

There are 3 to a package and with no fat and trans fat and only 50 calories per package, it is a wonderful wait to satisfy your sweet tooth without indulging in a million calories!

This Japanese-type treat is not overly sweet and I, not a huge chocolate lover, loved the chocolate ones the most! The fruit jellies come with one of each flavour – grape, strawberry and orange – and are a fun way to perk up during the dozies in the afternoon!

This is way more fun that a chocolate bar or a cinnamon roll, don’t you think?

I say buy the big box and bring them into the office for everyone to enjoy.

Lucky me, I’m an employee of one!

Stephanie Dickison

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