güs' Italian-Made Vertical Wallet and Passport Folio Are the Most Stylish Accessories!

Hand-crafted in Italy, these fantastic leather items by güs are the perfect gift for someone that you care about!

The “Splitshot Perforation” is just fantastic – a little spray of holes hover at the corner’s edge, like a smattering of stars have landed on your wallet or passport holder!

The leather (in black or brown) is sturdy, but thin enough that you won’t be carrying a lot of bulk or weight around with you.

I absolutely love the Vertical Wallet, mostly because I’m so tired of the traditional horizontal design. I mean, look at all the choices women have in wallets – why shouldn’t men be allowed to have the same fun too!

You’ll have to fold your US dollars in this one, but for the design, I think it’s worth it (look at all the towering heels I wore last summer because they looked good…). And there are 6 card slots, 2 interior pockets and 1 lengthwise pocket for all your valuables.

I got it in brown, which makes me think of thick cologne and Manhattans, and there’s also a nice red background to keep it looking too stodgy. The burgundy stitching along the sides and pea-green hand stitched corners makes this the nicest wallet you’ll ever own.

And check out the Passport Folio, which is suitable for both men and women.

This time I chose black (it goes with everything and they’re sold out of the brown) and the passport pocket, 7 credit card slots, 2 large and I side pockets and 2 SIM card holders is enough to hold everything you could possible need, no matter where you’re headed!Form

Bottom of Form

The entire güs line is 100% hand crafted in Italy, using vegetable-tanned Italian leather and each item has unique card slots that allow you to both see the bottom of the card and push up on it to get it out – genius!

Sure, you could get a luggage company's passport holder or wallet and not pay more than $40 per item, but there's a reason that we have the phrase "traveling in style."

Let me pull a Beyonce and upgrade you.

You'll be so glad you did.

Stephanie Dickison

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