Smart Women Company Makes Fun, Useful Products While Creating Social Change

Smart Women Company started with a few homemade gifts by a stay-at-home Mom and is now a national sensation!

You can shop at the Online Smart Women Store and you’ll be pleased to know that the company "supports local businesses by sourcing a majority of products in the USA. In addition, may of the products are reusable and recyclable.”

The products range from notebooks, kitchen essentials, clothing and everything you could want to support and celebrate smart women! The retro graphics add a sense of fun, as do the bright colours that they use and the stuff they’ve come up with are just great!
These are great gifts for friends, colleagues and anyone that you want to reach out to. The products are fun and smart, but aren’t merely decorative, so you can use and enjoy them while being reminded of your wit, charm and intelligence and how women can make great change. In fact, Through the SMART WOMEN VOTE products, and the 'Elect to Make a Difference' Campaign, Julie continues to promote civic engagement, register voters and engage women and young girls in the political process.

So I got some products that I am going to share with my women friends. I’m really excited!

I love the Share Them Gladly Recipe Cards, which are on bright index cards with fun sayings. There are 24 to a pack, which means you can swap a lot of recipes. I can’t wait to what recipes get exchanged!
The Pencil Set is great and comes with great sayings - Smart Women... Keep Each Other Posted, Mark Their Words, Take Note & Vote, Get to the Point, and Put it in Writing. These are sure to get noticed at the office!
The Retro Hip Coin Purses come as a set of 3. They are made of thick rubber and are great for holding loose change and tokens. They come in 3 colours with 3 sayings - Smart Women Drive the Economy (Blue) Smart Women Change the World (Yellow) Smart Women Head in the Right Direction (Orange). I’m sending these out to friends around the world – isn’t that neat?
I’m using the Smart Women Stickers on envelopes, cards, and packages. They are fun and colourful! And the Set of ReMARKable Bookplates come in 2 colours and are a great way to keep track of your books, especially if you exchange or lend them out often.
The Vote Tattoos sure are timely. I’m sending these to my friend in New York! I can’t wait to hear the stories! I also have a Smart Women Stick to the Issues Magnet, Smart Women Make Changes Eraser and a great little notepad with Smart Women Take Note & Vote across the front.
I really like what this company’s doing and I feel so good sharing these items with my friends. It’s important to support one another and I think this company has found a really fun and innovative way to do that and keep the conversation going!
I’m off to make up some packages and send some of this stuff out to my friends. I can’t wait to hear what they think!

Stephanie Dickison

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