Manifesto Press is One of the Most Divine Places to Get Cards and Stationery!

Letterpress printing creates the most magical items and at Manifesto Press, the stationery is just gorgeous! The workmanship that goes into each item will make you appreciate this fine art and realize how beautiful stationery can really be.

It’s not too late to get these fantastic calendars, perfect for having at your desk or in the kitchen or workshop.

The 2008 Toys, Tools, Machines & Objects Calendar includes 13 beautiful two-color letterpress calendar pages on recycled chipboard with images from the Toys, Tools, Machines & Objects Collection. Every calendar comes with a binder ring that makes for easy hanging and flipping of pages. This calendar is truly old tyme fun!

And the 2008 Foundry Calendar includes 8 different colours including silver and has ornate old world patterns. Gorgeous!

The Foundry Line of Cards has an elegant look that is suitable for any occasion (say Valentine's Day, for instance...). The patterns are delicate and ornate. A real treasure!

Foundry Box Set No. 1 is a mix of blue jean blue and palm green and Foundry Box Set No.1b is a soft brown with palm green and each set includes 6 letterpress folding cards that fold from the top (so neat!) and envelopes.

Foundry Box Set No. 7 and Foundry Box Set No. 11 are detailed with the most delicate patterns – so elegant, they are worthy of a simple thank you note or even wedding cards. They are printed is on lovely pebbled stock and come with accompanying envelopes. Mmm!

Absinthe Greeting Cards are, as the website says, “Blank - Rich – Ornate.” I can’t top that. I wish I could, but they are beyond-words-beautiful.

Absinthe No. 1 Box Set - wine coloured - and Absinthe No. 2 Box Set - blue hued - are “Inspired by the absinthe culture of drink and art, Manifesto Letterpress is pleased to add a drop of class to psychedelia.”

Each richly designed card is big and sumptuous and printed on Crane’s 100% cotton tree-free paper. There are 6 cards and envelopes per package.

Check out the truly wondrous Absinthe No. 3 Box Set. Damn!

Absinthe Sheets – Large are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Printed on 15"x20", 100% lush cotton paper - these unique designs are three and four-color. Produced as letterpress printed paper, Absinthe sheets have many different uses, including wall hangings, scrap booking, book binding and we've even sold a few sheets to a lampmaker.”

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with mine yet…

If you’re into bookplates, the Dreade of Death Bookplates and Devil Bookplate Set are fantastic! There are 12 acid-free bookplates per pack and make wonderful gifts, as do THE LIMITED EDITION OF 250 Dreade of Death Coasters.

I love a good postcard, so check out the twelve designs by painter Luke Cavagnac and Series 2 - Toys, Tools, Objects & Machines. They are all wonderful designs on recycled chipboard, making yours the sturdiest postcard that will be making the journey from mailbox to the beloved addressee.

I realize that I have told you about a whole whack of stuff. I can’t help it – it’s freakin’ gorgeous stuff! But I know it might be a little much to process all at once.

So I’ll make it easy for you. Start with The Big 20 Box, a limited edition box set of greeting cards, thank you cards, postcards and the popular Baker's Dozen Cupcake Flags. Twenty pieces of ephemera is in each and every box.

Start there and then go back for more

This is the stuff that true memories are made of.

Thank Goodness for Manifesto Letterpress!

Stephanie Dickison

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