Want To Change Your Look for the New Year? Here Are Some Fun and Stylish Accessories From TOKYObay to Update Your Wardrobe!

I love watching what new trends come out every season, but I can’t afford to buy clothes for each season, each style that’s popular.

So what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years is just updating my accessories. Usually with a new bag, I feel like I can wear my same black coat for one more season. And I don’t know about you, but I like to change my watch from time to time. It’s like any other accessory, right? You want something to go with different outfits, different moods.

But I know what you’re thinking – who has hundreds of dollars to go out and spend on new watches?! Well, at TOKYObay, their watches are only $30 - $125, so you can afford to get something that will not only be on trend, but something that you can switch back and forth between a couple of pairs, instead of wearing that same one you’ve had since ’93!

I got the very modern LINO Watch, complete with patent leather band that is up to the moment and looks pretty without being too flashy! It is extremely light and comfortable and I love that there are so many styles and colours to choose from! I think I’m going to get the WRAP watch next. I love the detailing and think the strap is really sexy.

That’s what is so great about these accessories – not only are they lovely and affordable but there are so many looks. There really is something for everyone!

I am also rockin’ my ZIP TOTE in Soft Gold. I wanted something metallic to be in step with this season’s looks, but some of the silvers and gold’s out there are so bright! I didn’t want anything too bling. I also wanted something big enough that I could put more than a lipstick in it and something that would withstand daily use.

Although it looks like leather, the bag is actually made out of a super soft durable fabric. The Soft Gold goes with everything I have (and I’ve got to admit, is such a nice change from the black bags that I usually use). It’s roomy and has pockets both inside and out for all of your most important items. I like the 3 small pockets on the front – one on top and two on the sides – that are perfect for keeping change, gym membership card, lip balm, cell phone, etc. So though it’s a big bag, I feel organized and know where all of my stuff is.

Ahh. What a feeling!

The stud detailing gives it just that little bit of edge that I was looking for – I didn’t want some stodgy laptop bag – and the shoulder length straps are lined with canvas, making them durable, strong and keeps them from slipping from my shoulders! It comes in 9 colours including this one.

Need I say more?

I love that you can get fun and affordable bags and watches at TOKYObay. I’ve been to the mall and looked and haven’t been able to find any that are cool AND affordable. Even during the post-Christmas season sales.

Check it out for yourself. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Stephanie Dickison

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