treeo design Wrapping Paper and Boxes Get My Gifts Noticed!

As you know I am trying to become more environmentally conscious, so when I found treeo design, a small paper company (“You’ll find us in upstate NY-probably in the basement after the kids have gone to bed - trying to create high-quality products that don’t make us feel like eco-criminals”), I was very excited.

All of their paper is recycled and/or FSC certified which means “trees were unecessarily harmed during the printing of our products.The inks we use are vegetable based. (Okay, yes, the vegetables were probably harmed to make the ink - but come on. They’re vegetables.) – treeo design”

And here’s what a difference it makes:

“Our current production run of paper and boxes used 502 pounds of
post-consumer waste, non-virgin fibers and saved:

8 trees
573 pounds of solid waste
850 gallons of water
1,109 kilowatt hours of electricity
1,403 pounds of greenhouse gasses
1,137 miles traveled in the average American car
7 pounds of HAPs, VOCs, and AOX combined
4 cubic yards of landfill space

By using, RE-USING, and recycling Treeo's products you directly collaborate in our efforts to consciously tread more lightly on this earth.”

Isn’t that fantastic?!

But here’s the thing – some recycled paper products look exactly that – brown-papery, rough and recycled. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but sometimes you want something more exciting, something graphic and engaging.

And treeo design delivers. And then some.

I got Rolls of Wrapping Paper in Pink Palm, Pompom Chicken Gray, Lark Luster Brown and Cherry Bomb and Boxes in Cherry Bomb and Cherry Moon.

I’ve never seen boxes like these before. The pattern is not only eye-catching, but the beautiful construction of the boxes – soft,rounded edges and the way of it envelops in on itself – is just well, breathtaking. I know it sounds weird to say about a box, but these boxes are worthy of it.

And with the wrapping paper, you get 2 extremely thick sheets of paper per roll. I’m talking c-r-a-z-y thick. You’re going to want to cover books, tables and maybe even the fridge in these.

I used the light blue with cherry bursts Cherry Bomb for Christmas paper this year and everyone commented on how much they liked it, look at how thick it is, where did you get it, etc.

The Pink Palm covered presents to good friends for their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. and I think it is such a happy graphic. It’s nice to have this much colour in your life. I forget that sometimes, me heading out the door in black pants, sweater and long winter coat…

For presents of every occasion, I used Lark Luster Brown which is a rich coffee coloured print with birds and flowers. I found this to be a good print for men’s presents. It is contemporary and woodsy, which is how I like to think of my guys.

But my very favourite print is the Pompom Chicken Gray which got the most incredible reactions! People were taking it out of the person’s hand as they were unwrapping their gift, asking where they could get it, holding it up to the wall, extolling its many virtues both as covering and as a graphic that’s worthy of framing! It almost caused a frenzy!

And it happened every single time I wrapped something in it. Not just once – e-v-e-r-y time.

I bet you can’t say that about your sad wrap from the dollar store….

Get yours now and start a frenzy of your own.

Stephanie Dickison

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