Thirsty for Something New? Reed’s Ginger Beer and Virgil’s Root Beer, Cream Soda and Black Cherry Soda are Sure to Wet Your Whistle!

I love trying new drinks. For me, there is never enough choice of something good to drink. It’s like salad dressings – there’s really only a few standbys and everything else is just an offshoot of the original.

However, I have honestly never had drinks like these before.

I started out with Reed’s Original Ginger Brew, which is superfantastic! Strong and spicy but yet still thirst-quenching, this is fantastic for having as a mid-afternoon break or with dinner, as I did. I had it with chicken, pork, pasta and lamb and I have to say, it went with everything!

And the ingredients are all natural (17 grams of fresh ginger root, lemon, lime, honey, fructose, pineapple, herbs and spices), so you don’t have to worry about drinking something unhealthy! And ginger is a wonderful health aid – it helps with improving digesting, cures motion and morning sickness and is even said to be anti-cancer, to help lower cholesterol. In Europe, they’re using it as arthritis medicine.

So in fact, you should be drinking more of this stuff, not less.

You can also get Reed’s Ginger Candy Chews, which I scarfed down on a daily basis. These individually wrapped ginger candy chews were soft and chewy like taffy but had the heat of ginger to revitalize me mid-afternoon or late evening when writing. They also helped to settle my tummy after large restaurant meals that included milky, dense desserts.

These too, are good for you – the only two ingredients are diced baby ginger root and raw cane sugar.

Virgil’s Root Beer is one of those things that you’ve got to try to really understand the rich root beer taste and the creaminess that no other root beer has been able to create.

The good folks at Virgil’s sent me a 5L Party Keg of Root Beer, which is just a great idea and I wish more soft drink companies would infuse their products with such verve!

I invited the neighbours over for a pint and having the keg really gave the night a party vibe and we laughed and chugged root beer and talked about favourite foods and drinks of our youth.

But then the neighbours left and despite having had glass after glass of creamy, vanilla-y root beer, we still had about ¾ of the keg left.

Next time, we’re inviting the whole block!

We had it over the next few weeks in the bottle, along with Virgil’s Cream Soda, Virgil’s Black Cherry Cream Soda, Diet Root Beer and Diet Black Cherry Cream Soda.

I loooooove cream soda and black cherry even more and with the smoothness that Virgil’s creates, it is a lovely change from the bracing fizz of most sodas. Also, with Virgil’s the flavour is so true. For their root bear they use Anise from Spain, Licorice from France, Vanilla (Bourbon) from Madagascar, Cinnamon from Ceylon, Clove from Indonesia, Wintergreen from China and the list goes on…

This isn’t your regular old supermarket soft drinks.

Their cream sodas have no preservatives, caffeine or artificial anything.

Isn’t this the kind of soda you want in your house?

I am now a lifelong member of the Virgil’s and Reed’s fan clubs. Wanna join?

Stephanie Dickison

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