Stephanie Simek’s Jewelry Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen!

I am soooo tired of seeing everyone wearing the same jewelry. Everyone has the same big red beaded necklace, the leaf or the horn on a long gold chain – what happened to individualism?

That’s why I was excited to stumble upon Stephanie Simek’s unusual jewelry.

Her Single Eyelash Necklace is whimsical and quite stunning when it rests against your clavicle. Made out of sterling silver, it will go with everything from a worn t-shirt and jeans to that little cocktail dress that’s making the rounds this month.

One thing that is definitely unusual is that the eyelashes are made of 100% human hair. This elevates the necklace to almost medieval, and fits in very much with the eco/nature/natural movement that’s happening in design.

Finally you’ll have a necklace that you’re friends won’t be wearing too.

A new addition to the line is her Speckled Quail Egg Pendant. Lined with 23k Gold Leaf, this real quail egg is lacquered to give it strength and durability and the chain is 14 karat gold.

This too is unusual, but has the same ethereal quality and effect as the eyelash piece.

Just gorgeous! I want one of these for sure!

I like how this girl thinks - outside the box and straight into the natural world around us. She’s an original and that’s something in this day and age.

I can’t wait to see what she does next!

Stephanie Dickison

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