Looking For An Instant Way to Redecorate Your Bathroom? Put On a Toilet Tattoo and See What a Difference It Makes!!

Our bathroom is incredibly small. There is just enough room to stand between the tub, toilet and sink and turn around to get into the cabinet for something, but not much else. In fact, with a large mirror over the sink and cabinet on the back wall, there is not really space to hang anything decorative.

We have a small print between the cabinet and toilet but it’s not really enough to say that we’ve decorated.

But how I wanted to change things up a little.

Then I found Toilet Tattoos – colourful reusable, removable appliqu├ęs that you adhere to the toilet lid - and I gotta tell you – these are a fantastic idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are a number to choose from – Classic, Wallpaper, Whimsical, Artist Canvas, Themes, Holiday and Seasonal.

We got the Wallpaper Stripes (pictured above), which really give our small white room a lift. I also love Scroll, and Zebra for a bold graphic look and Ducky and Ocean Fish for something a little more playful.

You can also get seasonal and Christmas patterns, and I like the idea of changing it every once in awhile to give your bathroom a fresh look.

Just select whether your toilet has a round (12" x 13.5") or elongated (12" x 15") seat, your pattern and soon, you’re bathroom will be transformed!

Because the tattoo clings to the lid without the use of adhesives (thanks to electrostatic energy!), you can reuse them over and over and to apply, just peel off, place on the lid and smooth.

At only $9.95, it’s a very inexpensive way to redo the room and less work and money than repainting the room or redoing the tiles.

Gotta like that.

What pattern are you going to get?

Stephanie Dickison

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