Canine Genius Toys and Blue Dog Bakery Treats Keep My Part Great Dane/ Boxer/ German Shepherd/ Rottweiler/ Golden Retriever Rip in Sheer Bliss!

My dog Rip (named after beloved actor Rip Torn and not for being fierce – he is anything but) looks like the cartoon dog Marmaduke. He is a big lug and incredibly sweet and lovable.

But being so big (he’s about 90 pounds), he has a hard time getting toys that will stand up to what he call “The Ripper Test.”

Usually anything we buy lasts only a few hours before Rip has had a go at it and all of a sudden, seams are bursting, stuffing is everywhere or worse, little plastic bits.

So it is always with doubt that we buy him the latest toy made for touch mouths.

Except this time, it outlasted him.

Canine Genius: Smart Toys for Your Dog makes Mini Leo and Leo Extra – Treat-Release Puzzle Toys that actually have given Rip quite the runaround.

I got him the Mini Leo in Bubblegum Pink and Leo Extra (a larger version of the Mini) in Blue.

They connect together through a cut-out “x” or you can leave them for your pup to play with them apart. They can roll them, shake them, bounce them and lick them. You can play fetch or tug on them with your dog, which Ripper always enjoys and he always both outlasts me and wins.

Smart dog!

You put little treats in the stem of the rubber toy and then your dog has to try and get them out. Your dog will probably grab onto the neck, as Rip did, to shake the treats out of the Leo.

These toys were named after Leonardo da Vinci because of their problem-solving fun. They float and are dishwasher safe.

The Mini Leo is actually designed for dogs 15 pounds and under so we used it just on occasion and kept the Leo Extra as his main attraction.

Rip bounced them and snuffled at them, trying to get the treats out. He jumped and barked and had such a good time.

Because he’s such a big fella, he really needs a lot of exercise and he certainly wore us while playing with the Leo’s! Him, not so much… but at least he had a good time!!

We stuffed the toys with amazing natural, low fat dog treats from Blue Dog Bakery.

Not only does the Ripper love them, but we’re happy to give them to him because they are made with all natural ingredients like real black strap molasses and easily digestible proteins from whole wheat, whole eggs and nonfat milk.

They actually help to maintain strong teeth and fresh breath, and contain no animal by-products, artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

And the best part? They’re tasty (Well, Rip thinks so. I didn’t try them…)!!!

You can get them in sizes suitable for small or large dogs and lots of different flavours. Rip loves the Peanut Butter & Molasses Flavour Treats and we feel good about them too – just look at the ingredients:

Unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour, black strap molasses, soy oil, rolled oats, natural caramel color, egg powder, nonfat milk, salt, baking soda, natural peanut butter flavor, brewers yeast.

The Natural Cheese Flavour Treats go over well too, but his absolute favourite are the Softies – Peanut Butter Flavour Treats – which he gobbles up in just a single gulp, but nuzzles us for more.

I am also thrilled with the Live Well Super Premium Treats that have ingredients like rolled oats, flax seed meal, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, broccoli, spinach and parsley, because I feel like he’s not just getting a treat, but actual real food that’s going to help to keep him healthy and strong.

I give our cat wholistic food and I think natural treats for your dog is the only way to go.

Check out their whole line here to get yours now. You’ll feel better and so will your pooch.

I’m off to play with my Rip now. I can’t wait!

Stephanie Dickison

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