Buy a Gift of Green Card and You Will Not Only Get a Pot or Garden Full of Forget-Me-Nots, Cilantro or Chile Peppers, But a Tree Will Be Planted in Ar

I am trying to be more responsible with my purchases. Make educated decisions, instead of just buying what’s available, cheapest, etc.

That’s why I was soooo excited to find the Gift of Green Cards!!

As you know, I send out a lot of cards every week and I want to support as many green companies, small letterpress folks and people who are really out there making a difference as possible.

With a Gift of Green Card, you are not only giving someone a meaningful card, but a gift for their garden in the form of a plantable ornament made of seed paper (plus a card telling them about the environmental benefits of their tree) AND one native tree is planted in an ecosystem restoration project in the United States!

Each card plants a tree in a different area:

The Chili Pepper Card plants a tree in the Green Mountain Forest in Red River County Texas at the Lower Rio Grande National Wildlife Refuge. This project is increases wildlife habitat for more than 490 species of birds.

The Organic Cilantro Card plants a tree in the Kootenai National Forest in Montana. For this reforestation project, Ponderosa Pines are being planted to help the forest recover from large forest fires in 2000.

And a tree is planted in the Mendocino National Forest Hunter Fire Restoration Project in California and helps to restore spotted owl habitat and prevent the domination of brush species when you purchase the Birthday Earth Card, which brings the recipient blue-purple forget-me-nots.

These are an incredible way to make a difference in not just your own life, but to others and our environment.

The cards are only $9.95. Please support this company and help replenish areas that need it.

An average tree will absorb more than 650 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) over its lifetime - that's equal to the amount produced by driving about 740 miles. In addition to absorbing CO2, the new trees will also help restore forests damaged by natural disasters and return the forest to its former glory.

It’s time we gave back. And then some.

It’s the new year. Let’s plant some new trees and make a difference.

Stephanie Dickison

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