Victoria’s Secret Beauty Products Now at La Senza!!

Back in the 90s, I was fascinated with the American company, Victoria’s Secret.

At the time, the clothes and lingerie were only available through catalog and whenever I would receive it, I would put it away until after dinner, when I knew I could savour each page while sipping a cup of tea.

My first order was a pair of crocheted sandals, which I took with my on my very first vacation as a young adult to Cuba. I came back with a tan, a bottle of rum, sand everywhere and a boyfriend who actually lived only 20 minutes away from me back home.

My second order was an assortment of bras and panties that offered colours and styles I had yet to find in Canada.

Over the years, Victoria’s Secret has continued to carry sexy lingerie and of-the-moment clothing and footwear, but they continue to evolve and grow to meet women’s needs and also offer more than just teddies and panties.

And now they've moved into their own line of beauty products, which are available at La Senza stores.

The new Victoria’s Secret Beauty products include 20 flavoured lip glosses, eyeshadows, a bodycare collection (Victoria’s Secret Garden) and 2 fragrances.

The Strawberry Fizz Beauty Rush Lip Gloss is a swirly pink candy floss colour with tons of shimmer, glitter and shine and a fresh strawberry taste! Perfect for day or night.

And the Gold School Beauty Rush Luminous Eyeshadow comes in a sleek eyeliner jar that allows for smooth and precise application. Great design and even better functionability! And gold eyes are so hot and complement every eye colour – it’s the perfect accessory to make your eyes stand out. And there are 11 other colours to choose from as well.

The Victoria’s Secret Garden line offers hand & body creams, body splash, body lotion shower, eau de toilette and body butter that come in 8 scents, such as Pure Seduction, Endless Love and Love Spell.

The Love Spell Skin-Silkening Body Lotion indeed silkens and its strong fruity and flowery scent softens and lingers throughout the day.

A strong fruity scent makes Pure Seduction Luxurious Shower Gel a great choice for revving yourself up and get yourself moving in the morning! It gives a decent lather and leaves you feels cleansed and moisturized.

My very favourite, though, is the Amber Romance Silkening Body Splash which has a warm, musky scent that is subtle and light and warms throughout the day. It is one of those scents you can wear every day and not tire of or worry about it being too much of anything.

So while you’re shopping at La Senza for bras, panties and PJs, be sure to check out the new Victoria’s Secret Beauty products.

You might as well look good and feel good both inside and outside your clothes.

Check out the line in stores now.

Stephanie Dickison

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