Sun Sauce Moisturizing Sunless Bronzer Gives You a Luscious, Sexy Tan in the Depths of Winter – No Sun Needed!

As a teenager, I was a pale little thing. I was white and then as soon as I’d get into the sun for a period of time, I’d burn.

Not the most attractive look.

This look lasted until only a couple of years ago when I guess, global warming gave us so much sun that my skin started to soak it in and I developed a skin tone darker than my usual Elmer’s glue colouring.

However, winter comes and the slight colour that I have goes away, along with long summer days, tall glasses of misty iced tea and short skirts in flimsy fabrics.

So for a couple of years, I’ve been trying sunless moisturizers. You know the ones – you lather on the lotion and then 3 hours later, you develop a slight tan.

Now I have to admit that they have come along way. The ones of my youth would turn you this odd pumpkin colour and there would be a line around your ankles no matter how hard you rubbed it in.

So these last years, I’ve found a couple that were all right.

But none as great as
Sun Sauce “Touch of Sunless” Moisturizer. The colour I get is such an even tone, and not too dark but enough that I feel I’ve got a healthy glow going (and it’s finally safe to wear white and pale colours without looking washed out)!

I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and it not only makes me look good, but it lasts. I only apply it about every 10 days so the large 12 oz. bottle lasts a long, long time, unlike the tubes I was getting – and having to replenish all the time – from the drugstore!

The other part of the lotion I love is that it truly is a moisturizer, so I apply it as soon as I get out of the shower and my skin immediately feels supple and hydrated. And it is “an intense age defying, anti wrinkle moisturizer,” so you’re not only avoiding the sun’s damage from sunless tanning, but you’re also working at fighting wrinkles at the same time – can you say that about your current lotion?

Sun Sauce has a lovely fresh scent that remains throughout the day you apply it and I find my tan lasts 4-7 days.

And if you’re wondering how it works, basically the lotion has something in it called DHA that creates the colour change on your skin.

According to the Sun Sauce website:

“DHA does not damage the skin, and is considered a safe skin colorant and nutritional supplement. The FDA, the Canadian Health Ministry, and most of the EU member nations have approved DHA for use in cosmetic products.

DHA-based sunless tanning has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, American Academy of Dermatology Association, Canadian Dermatology Association and the American Medical Association.”

So I am going to spend the winter (and even the summer), sunless tanning. I feel like a million bucks having a little colour to my skin. I know it’s silly, but I feel a little healthier, a little more rejuvenated.

And I don’t have to damage my skin under heat lamps or tanning beds – just a little rubdown of lotion every once in awhile.

This year I’m all about feeling good and simplifying.

And Sun Sauce fits right into that plan.

Stephanie Dickison

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