Start The New Year Off Right – With Gratitude and a Little Help From Chandra Greer of GREER in Chicago!!

Wanna start the New Year off right? Get Civilettes for Spontaneous Appreciation created by Chandra Greer of Chicago Stationery Store, GREER!

The store is just gorgeous. Sumptuous stationery and letter sets are cased in beautiful antique furniture, jars and stands.

This is GREER, a Chicago stationery store, owned and operated by graphic designer Chandra Greer. On her website and business reads “Civility is not a sign of weakness,” which is her philosophy – be kind to others.

She carries imported stationery as well as designs from small, independent designers as well. And now she has created Civilettes for Spontaneous Appreciation. Available in sets of ten, these sweet, small and portable thank you notes can travel with you via purse, pocket or wallet and according to Greer, “are the first product designed specifically to promote spontaneous appreciation.”

The idea is that you carry them with you and then leave them for whomever – the neighbour who stayed the night when a big storm hit, the waiter who made sure to give you the quiet corner table in that you love or to whomever, whenever you see fit.

The idea of this might seem small at first – but just think about – there are often times you want to thank someone profoundly, but you’re on the subway: you can’t exactly write them a card to show your appreciation.

I am a profuse thank you card writer – I’ll write you a card for just returning a DVD to the video store – but there’s not always the occasion, the room or the time. These cards are the perfect way to extend thanks in the outside world.

They come in the tiniest chocolate brown envelope and instructions are embossed on the back in elegant silver – “Use in the event of a kind deed or word from stranger or friend.”

The card itself is cream, 100% cotton and extremely thick. On the front it just says THANK YOU and on the back it asks you to Please reuse.

And at only $6.25 for a pack of ten, I’m thinking of buying them by the truckload.

You can buy them at the store and online at

I slipped one in each of my neighbour’s mailboxes. I figure it’s a nice break in between bills. And the rest I’m taking out into the world with me. I can’t wait to use them all up!

Thank you, Chandra Greer. This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever come across.

Stephanie Dickison

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